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meet ben...

It’s safe to say that Ben’s roots are well and truly in the hair industry (pun was absolutely intended). After becoming a qualified and practising hairdresser, Ben changed his career and went on to retrain in Marketing, Branding and Social Media Management. It wasn't long until he was working with brands such as Purple PR, who represent the likes of of Beyonce, Adele and Calvin Harris (totally name dropping). 

Ben then was snapped up by Jamie Oliver and made his Media Marketing Manager. That was until he was abruptly stolen by Sophia Hilton who had a vision worth joining.  

"Not Another Social is a dream situation for salons needing help, I mean, how often do you get a social media consultant that actually understands hair? I engage with stylists and hair brands on social media daily, not because it's my job but because I love the industry. I knew one day my two worlds would come together... '