Your very own consultant 

Just as Sophia had when setting up Not Another Salon, you will have a monthly phone meeting with your very own social media consultant. This is your one to one time for solid, no bullshit advice. Firstly we help you determine your brand identity and set guidelines to 'who you are' in the cyber world. Once established, we study your page, look for improvements and set you tasks on what you can do to move forward, giving you strong structure and long term plans. 

If you're a salon owner, after the development stage, we can work not only with you, but the whole team.  

Club members facebook page

Once joined we give you access to our closed Facebook group that only you and the members have access to (you will require a facebook profile to be added to this).

How-to content

Exclusive hairdressing focused content on simple ways to improve your social media and branding knowledge. We talk you through the theory behind successful branding, and offer you short, ‘bite size’ videos on how to shoot the perfect hair image, edit your content, what apps to download and how to use them to create stunning hair and branded content for your social platforms.

The first to know changes 

You'll be the first to know when a new feature comes out on Instagram so you can be on top of your competitors, and understand how and when to use it!

Advice wall

Any question any time can be put on the wall and answered by your Social media expert within a few days.


Exclusive podcast recorded by Sophia Hilton, answering your questions, relating to managing social media within the salon environment.

Documents & Templates

We provide you with a range of documents and templates to help you organise your social media planning, provide you with #hairspiration and create engaging banded content.