helping you with social media & BRANDING - without ripping you off


What we offer

The 'Not Another Social Club'  doesn't do your social media for you like other companies, it teaches you how to do it yourself. Not only will you have your own consultant to talk to but you'll have unlimited access to online learning and be part of a social community of hairdressers. Your Social Media Consultant is here to support your social journey and share ideas, tips and tricks with you. Best part, you don't have to have a clue what you're doing – we can start you from scratch. Written by a hairdresser for a hairdresser, we offer a service that has never existed before. Get ready to watch our industry to grow, this is a game changer. 

Why we offer it

'I know from experience that Social Media companies don't work. They cost around £600-£2,000 per month, and because you're a salon (and often they're fashion or beauty based company), they don't understand hair. On top of that, when someone else 'takes over' your posting, you lose who you are. I truly believe that the best Social Media is done in-house, by your team with your brand at the core. But who has a clue what they are doing? We are hairdressers or we are business owners. It's the blind leading the blind.  

This is how I felt until I started working with a specialist in Social Media who offered her advice once a month in exchange for highlights. Suddenly, I had someone to call when I was in doubt, someone to teach me, to guide me – even someone to critique me to make me better. 

This is how my salon became the most followed single salon in the UK in only 6 months. 

My ambition is to give the opportunity for all salons and individuals, no matter what their income, the opportunity to grow like I did. Most importantly, to change the industry for the better.'